Triggering success with CAS Shield

Triggering success with CAS Shield

CAS Shield is in pretty good shape: it does a lot of heavy lifting for your university teams. But it’s not just powerful, it’s flexible too.

Beyond all of the out-of-the-box CAS, visa and arrival automation features you can benefit from, the flexibility of choosing when to trigger your students to the platform is an important decision that helps teams use the system as an effective tool for managing an end-to-end admissions pipeline.  

This means as well as scaling up your capacity to process students during busy admissions periods using automation, the system can also be implemented flexibly to improve your existing admissions processes and give you much more visibility over where your students are in that process.

What are the main trigger stages?

Our clients choose whenever they want to trigger their students to the system. And not just that, if existing processes need to be optimised to make the most of a trigger point, the Enroly team will consult on how that can be best achieved.

Some common trigger points include:

  • All offer holders
  • A stage based on payments e.g. when a minimum deposit is paid or is fully paid
  • All accepted offers

Additionally, any of the above scenarios (and others) can be configured in combination to meet the exact needs of the university, and support exactly what it’s trying to achieve with CAS Shield.

What’s on offer at the offer stage?

A common challenge we see with universities trying to manage large volumes during busy seasonal admissions periods, is a visibility problem when it comes to the offer stage of recruitment. 

In order to solve this, we usually say the earlier the better when it comes to triggering your students on CAS Shield.

Why? Because by triggering all offers, universities have the ability to access and manage more of their pipeline, meaning more processing can be handled with automation. There are other clear benefits too, like having the option to manage credibility interviews from the platform, giving access to more features at an earlier stage.

It also helps manage the workload further down the pipeline by spreading tasks out and helping teams plan more accurately for what’s coming. For example, with greater visibility of students at the offer stage, the compliance team can easily review the number of unconditional offers and understand what’s on its way down the track. Of course, this information will already exist at the university somewhere, but the benefits of CAS Shield as a collaboration tool that all teams can access, mean that every stage can be used like this for clear pipeline management.

Choosing between offers, and driving conversion

Another common challenge which may sound familiar, is the fact that the university often can’t be sure which offer an applicant wants to pursue. Having this information as early as possible is hugely valuable.

The system displays the status of each offer that was declined or accepted and maintains the active offer as live while automatically closing the declined offer. Teams can take this information back to their student record system, or we can implement triggers to feed this back through automation. This gives the university an immediate heads up about which offer is being pursued by the student. Prior to implementing CAS Shield at the offer stage, the university would be dependent on the applicant notifying the team of this by email or some other means, which leads to delays and poor visibility internally.

Finally, synching students to the system earlier helps with conversion as it means the university benefits from features like automated reminders earlier. Students can also declare on the system when they are planning to pay, which is great news for recruitment teams, who can chase students manually if required, and likewise review agent performance and intervene to optimise the process.

So all in all, triggering early means triggering happy. It gives teams visibility, helps them plan ahead, spreads out workloads at key periods and boosts conversion.

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