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The first CAS, visa and arrival automation platform

Improve enrolment numbers and reduce risk with our easy-to-use tool for university staff.

  1. Automatic risk detection
  2. Automated post-acceptance administration
  3. Easy to implement into existing workflows and systems

Why Universities & Colleges trust us to support them


Conversion Experts

Our team has decades of experience recruiting students in international markets ensuring the right information is given at the right time to prevent deferrals, withdrawals and refusals.


Compliance Experts

As an OISC accredited organisation we take compliance very seriously. We provide our partners a suite of products that make it easy for staff to perform their duties swiftly and stay compliant.


Technology Experts

We leverage the latest in AI, ML and cloud architecture to create products that realise the potential of technology in student recruitment.

The Last of us

Recruit from high-risk international markets with confidence

Protect your sponsor license and maximise enrolments with our screening and support service add on.

  1. OISC accredited compliance-by-design
  2. Two phase screening and solicitor process
  3. Cleared students receive specialised visa support

Proud to partner with institutes across the UK

The Last of us

A safe and sanctioned peer to peer virtuous cycle

A referral add on that lets successful applicants connect their friends to free enrolment support from your preferred agents and regional offices.

  • GDPR compliant referral program
  • Nominated friends are matched with quality, local support
  • Fully managed with no university maintenance required

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