Data insights

Our data solutions offer universities ground-breaking business reporting against real-time industry averages.

Illustration of Enroly's data and insights solutions.
Illustration of data visualisation showing team performance

HE, we have a data problem

Market intelligence is out of date, industry data is scarce and internal performance is not being tracked.

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Power your strategy

Report on your recruitment, admissions, compliance and service-level data, and compare it to real-time, aggregated industry averages.

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A complete data terminal

Realise the potential of your internal data and report on your performance like never before, including competitor analysis.

'Thank you to Enroly for working with us on launching Data and Insights. It's incredible as a visual tool.'

Sam Jackson-Royle

Director of International Operations and Admissions at Bangor University

Smart reporting

Here are just some of the tailored actionable insights we can bring to your team.

Pricing and scholarships

Understand how your fees and scholarships compare to competitors and use this data to power your pricing strategy.

Risk and compliance

Access real-time market compliance data, such as CAS, visa and arrival outcomes, and manage your compliance strategy to protect your sponsor licence.

Market opportunities

Evaluate global market trends and identify which of your recruitment regions will drive future growth.

Product design

Analyse product-market fit and use these insights to inform your programme development.

Competitor insights

Scrutinise which other institutions your offer holders are considering, in real time, enabling you to act before it's too late.

Team performance

Gauge how your service levels compare to other institutions and deploy your teams where they will have the greatest impact.

Transform your day-to-day

Join thousands like you using Enroly to automate admin.

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