Enroly and TransferMate launch groundbreaking payment integration partnership

Enroly and TransferMate launch groundbreaking payment integration partnership

Enroly has partnered with TransferMate, a leading provider of B2B payments infrastructure as a service, to make payments and refunds in international student admissions simpler.

Payments and refunds often present the most significant challenges in the international student journey. These challenges can lead to delays in CAS issuance, cause stress for students, and create a heavy administrative workload for university staff. By integrating TransferMate’s payment solutions with the Enroly platform, Enroly aims to streamline these processes, making them faster and more efficient for all stakeholders involved.

Significant financial impact

Data from the Enroly platform reveals that international student fee deposits average over £6,800, with substantial deposits being made right up until programme start dates. The new integration with TransferMate is specifically designed to manage these payments and refunds seamlessly within the Enroly platform.

Enhanced features and benefits

Here’s what the new integration offers:

  • Real-time payment status: Admissions teams can now access real-time payment statuses, enabling faster decision-making and reducing student enquiries.
  • Efficient payment management: Payments are managed directly from Enroly CAS Shield and linked to student records, allowing for immediate progression upon payment initiation.
  • Streamlined refunds: The integration includes a streamlined refunds process and enhanced control over deposit payments, reducing compliance risks by holding funds in escrow.
  • Regulated and Secure: As a fully regulated Money Service Business (MSB), funds will be safe and protected as they move through Transfermate's global network.

What university leaders are saying

University leaders are already seeing the potential benefits of this integration. Louise McClure, Head of Visa and International Support at Edinburgh Napier University, says, ‘Having the ability for the right people to access payments instantly from the Enroly platform would really speed up universities’ ability to progress their students. Delays and a lack of visibility in this process slow down admissions, cause anxiety for students, and lead to high volumes of student enquiries. I am interested to see how a solution like the Enroly payment integration can streamline international deposits for all involved.’

Dee de Rocha, Director of International at the University of Cumbria, adds, ‘Any solution that streamlines the process of paying deposits and fees, provides greater transparency, and makes it quicker and easier for both universities and students will really help the sector improve compliance and the student experience around payments.’

Leadership insights

Enroly CEO and Co-founder, Jeff Williams, says, ‘Enroly and TransferMate are addressing the critical pain points of payments for university teams, students, and agents. Our integration eliminates slow payment processes, reduces compliance risks, and enhances the overall experience for students. This innovation leads to faster decision-making and satisfaction for staff, students, and agents alike.’

Sinead Fitzmaurice, CEO of TransferMate, comments, ‘Our globally regulated, integrated payments services infrastructure provides Enroly with instant payment visibility and reconciliation confirmation to all involved, together with the added layer of protection that only TransferMate can provide. This partnership uniquely positions us to expedite payment processes for universities and their students in a safe and protected environment.’

The new payment integration product will be available as an extension on the Enroly platform, further enhancing its suite of tools designed to support international student admissions.

If you want to learn more about how Enroly’s new payment integration with TransferMate can benefit your institution, you can find out more here, and speak with your Customer Success Manager for more information.

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