Enroly: your secret agent for smooth recruitment collaboration

Enroly: your secret agent for smooth recruitment collaboration

So, Enroly CAS Shield. I hear that’s a game-changing offer-to-arrival platform for universities. Doesn’t it:

Help internal HEI teams work smarter? ✅ 
Automate HEI post-offer conversion? ✅ 
Transform the applicant experience? ✅

But hang on, where do education agents fit into this story? After all, they’re the heroes of international student recruitment, with in-country agents keeping the whole show on the road in the last two years of global travel disruption. How do agents and their university partners feel about Enroly taking on some of the administrative burden and activities traditionally seen as part of an agent’s role?

Well, education agents are a vital stakeholder in our platform’s ecosystem, with their own user type, specialised configuration and unique set of features designed to help their students realise their dream of a UK education with minimal friction. These efficiencies give our university clients and their agent partners on our platform the time to focus on the things that matter most, like offering a more personalised service where it is needed, and helping more students than ever before. 

A connected platform

Enroly CAS Shield connects agents, students and universities seamlessly in one system, with joined-up workflows and a transparent CAS, visa and arrival process powered by smart automation and Enroly’s deep industry knowledge.

As an education agent working in CAS Shield, you can assist your student every step of the way, staying fully up to date with where every applicant is in the process at a glance.

It’s part of the reason education agents gave us an incredible Net Promoter Score of 71 in 2021, indicating how much they value the system.

Kasia Kruper, Relationship Manager at the agent Global University Systems, says, ‘We’ve never looked back since we started using Enroly CAS Shield - it has been absolutely brilliant. The platform has really contributed to our success, and we are promoting it to our other partners. Everybody says they innovate, but Enroly actually really does it!’

Supporting complex structures

One of the real benefits of CAS Shield for agents is how we have configured the system to support effective team-working across multiple offices and regions. The platform can be set-up so that user groups only see the students they need to . 

Underpinned by a self-service tech approach, the platform is ideal for the logistical challenges of the international recruitment sector, allowing agents to collaborate more effectively on a global scale. Komal at the agency Career Artist in India, says, ‘Working across multiple time zones often meant that we had to wait for university opening hours to receive an update on our students' CAS. This meant delays in being able to keep our students up-to-date. 

‘CAS Shield gives us the ability to check the progress of our students 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s a system that’s easy to use and gives visibility over the whole student journey.’

What universities say

Positive university-agency relationships are often decades in the making, with trusted partnerships being a key ingredient to long-term success. At Enroly, this means whenever we develop new functionality for our university clients, their agent users are also a big priority for us.

The benefits of the system to both parties mean that our platform is becoming widely adopted by agents around the world, with more than 4,500 agent users in total. 

Syed Nooh, Senior International Manager at Anglia Ruskin University, says, ‘We have many of our agents using CAS Shield, and most of them have been very receptive. We are now rolling it out to every single one of our agents globally.’

It’s exciting to play our part in facilitating closer collaboration between universities and agencies than ever before, bringing new tools and features to connect these organisations with new and improved ways of working.

Are you an agent user of CAS Shield? Why not come along to one of our regular agent training sessions on Zoom.

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