Setting your Students up for Interview Success: Top 5 Tips for Agents

Setting your Students up for Interview Success: Top 5 Tips for Agents

With the September intake in full swing, here are some tips for our Education Agent users on how you can advise your students before recording their interview responses using our Automated Interviews technology. 

This very straightforward guidance will improve students’ outcomes and help universities assess students more quickly, ensuring a streamlined process for everyone.

1: Find Some Peace and Quiet

We advise students completing their interview to find a quiet space where the audio quality of their recordings will be as high as possible. This will not only help the assessor evaluate students’ responses more quickly and fairly, it will also help the student focus better with fewer distractions: win, win!

2: Tech Check: Lights, Camera, Action!

Make sure your students have access to a functioning webcam and a working microphone to complete their interview: we’ve developed CAS Shield to be optimised to work on mobile devices to ensure it’s as accessible as possible.  Ensuring that your student is in a well-lit room will enable the assessor to confirm their identity more easily, and avoid the risk of an interview needing to be re-submitted due to question marks over identity.

3: Preparation

Encourage your students to delve into their chosen university and course passionately, as these questions will help the assessor determine that the student is genuine. What drove their choice? How does this academic journey align with their aspirations? Make sure they are ready to articulate their motivations and future goals with conviction.

4: Coaching

Preparation is one thing, but coaching is another. Advise your students that having someone else prepare responses on their behalf is a big ‘no no’ for assessors. Universities value genuine and independent insights into a student's thoughts and capabilities when assessing credibility. Unauthorised assistance can lead to serious consequences, including failing the interview. Encourage your students to trust in their own abilities, prepare diligently, and be confident in expressing their thoughts and aspirations. 

5: Authenticity (Ditch pre-prepared answers!)

Remind your students that authenticity is the key to success in the credibility interview. Ensure they avoid reading from a script - pre-prepared answers are easily detected and will result in the student failing the interview. Authentic and spontaneous responses (even if they are imperfect) are much more likely to convince the assessor of the student’s genuine motivation to study.

If you are an Enroly Agent User and you'd like more general information and training about using CAS Shield, then come along to our next monthly webinar >

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