CAS and deposits down by a third year-on-year for January intake

CAS and deposits down by a third year-on-year for January intake


The key metrics for the January 2024 intake were down by around a third year-on-year on the Enroly platform: 

  • Deposits -34.95%
  • CAS -32.12%
  • Visas -33.11%

There was significant movement in several key markets, most notably with Nigeria down by 70.11% and Pakistan up 32.51% for year-on-year CAS issuance.

There was a clear shift towards undergraduate courses, which were up 23.29% year-on-year for CAS issuance, while postgraduate courses fell by 37.07%.

About Enroly

The Enroly platform streamlines the international admissions and compliance process for Enroly’s university partners, their students and agents. 

A third of UK international students now process their CAS, visa and arrival journey with Enroly, making the platform a unique data source in international recruitment, admissions and compliance.

Enroly Data Insights allows Enroly partners to report on this data, as well as compare against live industry benchmarks and competitor segments.

About the data in this report

The Data for the report is based on a sample of 68,000+ student offers across a large cross-section of Enroly’s partner institutions for the January 2024 intake. It compares data to the January 2023 intake.

The anonymised sample includes a mixture of Russell Group institutions, recruiting universities, and private sector pathway providers.

Enroly first released this data via webinar in February 2024. Sign up to Enroly's Data Insights webinars to be the first to receive Enroly intake data, with special sessions for Enroly Data Insights University partners.

Key metrics: year-on-year changes

Deposits, CAS and Visa issuance rates all dropped markedly year-on-year on the Enroly platform for the January 2024 intake.

When compared to January 2022, the January 2024 numbers were still slightly down.

Key markets

Nigeria saw significant year-on-year falls in deposits. Pakistan and Nepal both increased. The tables show countries with more than a 10% change.

It was a similar picture for CAS issuance at market level, as shown in the table below.

Risk level

The fall in CAS issued was driven by drops in high-risk markets. Standard risk markets and differential markets (UKVI countries listed under the differential evidence requirement) both saw increases.

What’s missing? Full report details

The data in this sample report is just a part of what is available from Enroly Data Insights.

If you would like to access Enroly's full reports, covering detailed insights to inform your strategy in real-time, sign-up to our Data Insights webinar series to hear the data long before general publication.

You’ll be able to access reports covering

  • Study level
  • Study subject
  • Agents
  • CAS-to-visa turnaround times
  • Post deposit screening rates
  • Visa refusals
  • Key market case studies
  • And much more...

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