EnrolyCon 2023

EnrolyCon 2023

As the CEO and Co-founder of Enroly, I’m so excited that our upcoming conference, EnrolyCon 2023, is now just three weeks away, taking place on April 27. This year's conference promises to be our most exciting yet, bringing together nearly 50 universities from across the UK to share best practices and insights on optimising our platform to support international student recruitment, compliance, and onboarding.

At Enroly, we know that community is at the heart of our industry, and that's why we are committed to creating a space for industry leaders to connect, share insights and best practices, and make new friends. EnrolyCon 2023 is an opportunity to come together, share knowledge and have fun.

We are thrilled to host this year's conference at a fantastic London venue, Home Grown Private  Members club, where guests can relax and network in style. 

The conference will feature informative and inspiring sessions, with experts in compliance, policy, tech, and industry sharing their insights and best practices.

One of the highlights will be the Data-Driven Best Practice session for using our platform. The key to success in international student recruitment and admissions is to use data to drive decision-making. We’re excited to share the latest insights to help universities recruit more efficiently.

The conference will feature parallel sessions, including a new Data Insights Accreditation, allowing attendees to deepen their knowledge of our platform and its capabilities.

It will also offer a glimpse into the future of some mind-blowing tech developments we're working on, and we are very excited to showcase.

Our special guests include Jamie Arrowsmith, Director at UUKI; Jane Harrington, Vice Chancellor at University of Greenwich; Amy Baker, Founder and CEO of The PIE; and Ross Porter Associate Director Visa Compliance at London Business School, who all bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the programme.

Finally, in addition to the informative sessions and networking opportunities, we’ll also be giving out some awards to recognise top industry performers. We are proud to celebrate the diversity of student bodies, the best tech innovation ideas, the best service levels, and many more achievements.


The full programme details will be shared soon, but here are some highlights from the main room:

11.00-11.20 - Arrival
11.20-11.30 - Welcome 
11.30-11:55 - Data-Driven Best Practice
11:55-12.30 - Making the Most of CAS Shield
12.30-13.00 - Compliance Update
13.00-14.00 - Lunch
14.00-14.45 - Partner-led Best Practice
14.45-15.05 - CAS Shield Extensions
15.05-15.30 - Break
15.30-16.00 - UUKI Policy Update
16.00-16.30 - Expert Panel Discussion
16.30-17.00 - Partner Awards
17.00-late - Networking, food and drinks

I’m excited to see many of you in London, and can't wait to experience the energy of EnrolyCon 2023 together!

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