How could self-service technology transform your admissions processes?

How could self-service technology transform your admissions processes?

Hands up, who misses the days before online banking? It used to be great traveling to a local branch in your lunch break to do a basic transaction. Except, hang on a minute: no it didn’t.

In fact, whatever the industry, when supported by the right tech, there really is nobody better at doing what you need to do than you. And how about also doing it at a convenient time outside ‘normal business hours?’ Go for it!

More and more companies are providing ‘self-service technology’ (SST) to empower and trust their customers to service their own needs better and more efficiently than ever before.

At Enroly, self-service tech is in our DNA and we have blazed a trail for its use for international student recruitment. Our ecosystem allows students and agents to complete tasks on their own, with process automation guidance and AI support. This improves the student experience and prevents the need for university staff to administer every aspect of the process - something that cannot be achieved at scale.

This approach helps our university clients make a final decision about CAS issuance five times faster. This academic year, more than a quarter of international students arriving in the UK will use our self-service technology to manage CAS, visa and arrival, supported by over 5000 agents.

Of course, SST only works when you have the technological capability to provide a bespoke experience for every student and agent. This may include journey variables such as country of origin, agent, course level, the list goes on with increasing complexity. But don’t worry: our clients leave all that heavy lifting to our technology.

Finally, at Enroly our SST is absolutely not about replacing people. In fact, our clients tell us the opposite, with the many commercial benefits of the platform allowing them to invest more, not less, in their teams.

By automating repetitive and fatiguing tasks, and allowing students and agents to self-serve, it gives university staff more time to focus on the problems and opportunities only humans can deal with, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, empathy, laughter, you know…human things.

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