Introducing the new student app: accessible, mobile-friendly, and a real dark horse

Introducing the new student app: accessible, mobile-friendly, and a real dark horse

A new and improved interface of the Enroly platform for students has just launched, bringing with it a raft of visual, accessibility, and usability upgrades.

The update represents a serious leap forward for the student experience on the platform. 

The changes will not only make students’ lives easier, but will also boost outcomes for Enroly’s university partners, who will benefit from an even more intuitive self-service CAS, visa and arrival experience for their applicants.


Enroly is committed to making our technology accessible to everyone, and the new updated student app is now fully compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2.

This achievement is the culmination of many months of work by the Enroly product and technology teams. 

Maynard Inkster, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Enroly, says:

"It’s been a mega effort from the product and technology teams to achieve full compliance in the student application. It makes the Enroly platform so much more accessible for students around the world."


One of the biggest impacts of the redesign is how much better optimised the app is for mobile devices.

A preview of the student app on a mobile screen.

Damir Grandich, Principal Product Designer, says:

"60% of our students are using a mobile device. The new fully responsive design allowed us to deliver a tailored experience for all users, whatever device they may be using. And because it’s the same app on all devices, students can rely on a consistent experience if they, for example, start their journey on a laptop, and continue later on using their phone."

Dark mode

Along with all the other improvements, we thought it would be a bright idea to add a new dark mode.

Students can simply toggle to dark mode from the menu to make the app less wearing on the eyes and extend their device’s battery life in the process. Dark mode’s power-saving potential makes it a feature we’ll be monitoring closely, as part of our pledge to halve our greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

What’s next?  

While the new changes principally affect the student app, university and agent users may notice some of the improved designs have also been implemented in the university view as well, with changes to the pop-up modals in the student file, and the 'Edit view' of the Information check section, among others.

These are just a taste of many visual improvements that are in the pipeline for the university view. Watch this space for updates!

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