Our 2022 Wrapped

Our 2022 Wrapped

It’s been a cracker of a year at Enroly, from launching shiny new CAS Shield features, to industry awards adorning the mantelpiece. So we’re serving up a festive wrap of 10 things we loved in the last 12 months. Tuck in and enjoy!

1. We’re on track to be working with a third of UK universities by 2023

Here’s a selection of the new universities we’ve partnered with this year.

It’s been a pleasure to welcome 15 new partners of all shapes and sizes aboard this year. Ranging from huge international recruiters to smaller institutions investing in scaling up their international operations, they all have one thing in common: empowering their people with the tools they need to transform the CAS, visa and arrival experience

2. We welcomed 243,000+ international students on our platform

Yep, you read that right…we supported over 200,000 international offer holders on CAS Shield in 2022. 

When we started Enroly, we wanted to create a pre-arrival experience for international students that lived up to their expectations of higher education in the UK. We’re proud to be delivering this for more and more students year on year.

3. We released some big improvements to CAS Shield

From more process automation to rapid load speed, we’ve been busy optimising the platform for the best user experience. 

Here are five of the year’s highlights, picked out by our product team:

👪 New dependants functionality has just gone live. A new filter and improved reporting allows our university users to more easily track students bringing dependants.

💪 We added bulk actions so that university users can apply changes to more records in one go, speeding up CAS and visa processing for everyone.

⚡ We prioritised the need for speed this year. We implemented upgrades to make CAS Shield run much faster.

📧 Automated email development helped alleviate the strain in more inboxes, with new deferral, ‘ready for CAS’, and automated interview emails.

🤖We added to the list of fatiguing tasks we automate during the CAS and visa process, with auto-move features including to CAS issued and visa refused.

4. We launched Enroly Insights…

We launched two major new products this year, the first being Enroly Insights.

This powerful CAS Shield extension has already been adopted by many of our existing partners to transform data reporting, on anything from pricing and scholarship information, down to risk, compliance and data on service levels. 

A game-changing update is about to drop, with industry comparison data in the final stages of development, which will allow Insights customers to benchmark against aggregated industry trends and power strategic decision-making like never before.

5. …And automated interviews

The second major product launch was when incredible credibility assessments arrived. We can now automate the interview process so more students arrive too. 

This CAS Shield extension makes assessing students at scale a breeze. The Calendly integration lets applicants book interview slots synced to the team's availability, and you can configure and customise each aspect of your interviews by region, channel partner and more. Want to find out more? It’s a date!

6. You can now get CAS Shield certified!

Here’s a shot from when we launched our CAS Shield university user certification scheme back in May. It really was the highlight of everyone’s year at Enroly to get together with so many of our fantastic partners.

If you are a university user and you use CAS Shield as part of your role, get involved and earn a free verified digital credential to demo your skills and knowledge of the platform. The training and assessment takes just over an hour to complete. Find out more >

We also recently launched a similar certification scheme for agents. If you are an agent who uses CAS Shield, check it out >

7. We had a makeover

We scrubbed up pretty well! It’s hard to believe that it’s nearly a year ago that we rolled out the first phase of our new visual identity with a revamped logo, design language and website.

Over the course of the year this project has broadened out to encompass significant design improvements on CAS Shield. The fully redesigned spreadsheet view has made information much more accessible for our users.

We’ve had positive feedback on the changes so far and are exciting about further improvements in 2023.

8. We doubled the size of our team

It’s been a year of big growth in the Enroly team too, doubling in size in the last 12 months. 

We hope all our 2022 starters are enjoying the ride 🚀

9. …And got together despite the distance

As a distributed team, the opportunities we have to get together are important (and a lot of fun!) Here’s a snap from one of our team socials this year, out boating on London’s canals.

10. We won Digital Innovation of the Year at the PIEoneer Awards

A proud moment really capped off the year back in September. 

We were humbled to come out on top of a strong field of exciting global EdTech companies to win the Digital Innovation of the Year (Technology) category at the PIEoneers Awards. 

We were awarded as the best example of a company using digital innovation to solve problems faced by professionals working across the international education sector.

Thanks for reading! If all you want for Christmas is smooth CAS, visa and arrival processing, book a demo >

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