Success story

Mitigating risk with Enroly CAS Shield & interview solutions

The challenge

As international student numbers grew, Bangor was endlessly chasing compliance documents and fighting against complex recruitment and admissions workflows.

This status quo was overwhelming inboxes during key admissions periods. Manual processes made effective and transparent collaboration between teams near impossible, a situation that posed a potential risk to everyone in the process.

On top of this, the team were also having to stay across the latest policy changes to ensure their processes were following best practice: an additional headache that was taking up time and resources.

The solution

Bangor decided to ditch manual processes and implement the Enroly platform for their CAS, visa and arrival processing. This helped to better manage risk and reduce the repetitive and fatiguing compliance tasks that were sapping so much time.

One feature that particularly appealed to Bangor was the capacity to create tailored risk regions for international students based on institutional policies, UKVI guidelines and best practices. Regions could be automatically revised and adjusted whenever policies and guidelines were updated, meaning that Bangor could be confident they were following the latest best practice at all times.

Other out-of-the box compliance features included the ability to automate financial due diligence checks on students applying from certain regions, helping detect fraud and giving additional layers of protection to the institution.

Finally, Enroly’s interview technology helped to automate the interview process for their staff and students: allowing the team to execute credibility interviews at scale. The tech allows Bangor’s international students to complete an interview at a convenient time, and offers a much faster, more consistent experience than with a manual process. From a staff perspective, the team benefited from much speedier assessment times, variable questions that safeguard against coaching, and access to full transcripts for record-keeping.

The results


more CAS issued with the same resources


reduction in post-deposit attrition


faster credibility interview process

‘Enroly has brought huge efficiency benefits to international recruitment and admissions at Bangor, but one concern we had was whether process automation might negatively impact job satisfaction and risk jobs in the team. Actually, it’s had completely the opposite effect: the team is freed up to focus on more fulfilling, human tasks, and the big increase in retained revenue from reduced attrition using the platform has meant we’ve been able to invest more in our wonderful people.’

Sam Jackson-Royle, Director of International Operations and Admissions, Bangor University

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