Success story

Transforming the student experience with CAS Shield

The challenge

Coventry needed a solution to modernise the acceptance-to-arrival process, especially when it came to improving compliance workflows and the international student journey. We embarked on digital transformation project to implement Enroly CAS Shield, offering tailored solutions to automate CAS, visa, and arrival.

Different aspects of the student journey are managed by different teams as part of a complicated workflow, and in this complexity, offering clear, timely guidance to students at each stage of the process is a real challenge. This multi-stakeholder ecosystem, which also involves agents, offers students little control or even visibility on the status of their CAS application.

In addition to these collaboration challenges, huge volumes of student compliance documents can't be managed efficiently or securely via email and other manual tools, making the process ripe for automation to transform the student experience.

The solution

Our platform offers timely and automated CAS and enrolment guidance for students at every stage of the process. These bespoke communications are tailored to the student’s current task and objective, and helps them progress their application with zero staff intervention in the vast majority of cases. We set up 17 bespoke configurations at Coventry for automated workflows for all student profiles.

The platform also allowed us to automate document requests and build a customised journey for each student depending on the agent, all matched to Coventry's individual requirements. The tracking and status of the CAS application is a core feature of the system, streamlining the communication between agents, students and the university. Agents are key users, self-servicing through much of the process.

In addition to the huge student experience benefits brought by a streamlined CAS and compliance process, we also configured the workflows to request visa and arrival updates from students following CAS issuance, helping the university plan for a better visa and arrival experience for students when they get to campus.

The results


automated tailored communications were sent to support students in a five-week period.


documents were auto-requested, streamlining the process for students and staff.


staff hours were saved when processing CAS applications for the May cohort.

'In the time we’ve been live with CAS Shield, to support international students enrol in our May intake, we have seen an immediate benefit.

For our students the clarity which it provides, guiding them through the journey and keeping them engaged, has significantly improved completion times. For us, the self-service and automation that is built in has saved hundreds of hours of manual effort.

We are quicker and more responsive to our students at no additional resource cost or compromise in quality. We have big plans to fully integrate CAS Shield into the international student journey and continue to partner with Enroly to enhance the student experience.'

Robert McGowan, Managing Director - Recruitment and Admissions, Coventry University

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UK universities rely on us to enrol one-in-three international students. That’s 8 million documents processed with smart automation and counting.

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