Success story

Setting up Worcester for success with powerful reporting and benchmarking

The challenge

A lack of access to reliable real-time data is a problem at nearly all universities, and the situation at the University of Worcester was no different.

Worcester was grappling with how to wrangle international recruitment and admissions data into business insights. Having access to this kind of data would help the team make better decisions, both when planning future intakes, and to help prioritise workloads during intakes in real-time.

The team had access to several data points coming from the student records database, such as the numbers of offers, nationalities and deposits paid, but it was difficult to track metrics like CAS-to-visa turnaround times and post-offer conversion rates by student stage.

Visualising existing data was also a challenge, with teams relying on custom reporting requests which were not easily shared across the organisation.

Given these challenges, the teams at Worcester were doing an amazing job with the data tools available, but were on the hunt for a solution that would allow them to report on, and visualise, more of their data and in real time.

The solution

In order to supercharge their reporting capabilities, Worcester decided to make the most of the Enroly CAS Shield Data Insights extension.

The Enroly platform was already aligning Worcester’s recruitment, admissions and compliance teams, giving them access to automated workflows that were transforming the CAS, visa and arrival experience for staff and students.

Beyond these core benefits of the Enroly platform, adopting the Data Insights extension offered Worcester business reporting on hundreds of CAS Shield metrics in real-time. The tool allowed the team to access and visualise data as never before, helping everyone at the organisation become more data-driven in their role.

In particular, better oversight of CAS processing times helps the admissions team plan the next intake, and monitor the progress of the current intake and intervene and allocate resources accordingly. The team was also able to make the most of UKVI processing times to determine CAS cut-off and deposit deadlines, tailored to key markets such as India and Nigeria

Industry averages and competitor segments are helping Worcester better understand which institutions are their direct competitors and benchmark performance against the wider sector: a unique feature of Enroly Data Insights.

Data Insights has been adopted widely across many areas of the university beyond admissions and compliance: even academic teams are using the tool to have better visibility on international intakes. It was this best practice implementation of the tool that won Worcester the 2023 Data Insights Champion Award at the 2023 Enroly Awards.

The results


live data points available with endless reporting options


users across a broad spectrum of departments at the university


fewer refunds due to more efficient CAS planning

‘Enroly Data Insights has allowed us to visualise and report on our international applicant data in a straightforward and easily accessible way for the first time. Now stakeholders from across the university have access to live data and benchmarking. It’s made the way we manage international admissions much more data-driven.’

Jo Olsen, Head of Admissions, University of Worcester

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