Success story

Leveraging compliance features

The challenge

The University of South Wales was driving significant growth in international student numbers and needed support managing high volumes, compliance challenges and risk.

The administrative strain this growth caused during key recruitment periods meant that the university needed to be cautious in some high risk markets, unsure if they could effectively resource the assessment of these applicants.

The solution

By implementing Enroly CAS Shield, South Wales automated a level of individual attention for each applicant that would be very difficult to achieve manually. The bespoke, best-practice compliance workflows enabled university to make quicker judgements about who was ready to receive a CAS and who would need more visa support, and mitigated against unnecessary refusals or delays for applicants. 

Configurable risk regions gave teams much more confidence when recruiting from higher risk markets, allowing them to extend their recruitment ambitions with greater confidence and benefit from new opportunities.

The results


document related visa refusals


increase in CAS processing speed


of document transfer moved off email servers

"CAS Shield has been transformative for the way we work. It's brought transparency and it's supported us to recruit confidently from higher risk markets.’"

Lisa Davies

Head of International and Partnership Development

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UK universities rely on us to enrol one-in-three international students. That’s 8 million documents processed with smart automation and counting.

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