Detecting fraudulent finance? Bank on it with Enroly

Detecting fraudulent finance? Bank on it with Enroly

As Product Managers at Enroly, we’re always on the hunt for new features we should develop to add the greatest value for universities. 

Since our platform streamlines compliance for institutions recruiting international students, that means keeping an ear to the ground for regulatory changes and new official advice. We then translate these changes into improved technology and features on the platform, ideally before our partners even know they need it!

Alongside the huge post-offer workflow, process and conversion benefits of Enroly, it’s our ability to adapt the platform to this ever-changing risk environment that is often cited by our university partners as being among the most useful features. We take care of the changes so our partners don’t have to sweat it.

Flagging banks with additional risk alerts

In May 2023, UKVI shared a study sector brief with UK universities with a list of Indian banks that were associated with high percentages of finance fraud.

Enroly CAS Shield already had a mechanism for flagging high risk banks that were previously listed in Appendix P.

The study sector brief provided us with the perfect opportunity to make some changes to benefit our clients. We started work immediately, and yesterday released a range of feature updates to help flag an updated list of banks where documents might require additional scrutiny.

So, what’s changed?

We’ve updated our bank list on the platform, taking into account not only the recent advice from UKVI about specific Indian banks, but also using our own live data on visa refusals from the last academic year, including April and June intakes, where finance fraud was the grounds for refusal. This additional data has helped make the new high risk bank list even more comprehensive.

This update ensures that banks triggering amber warnings are appropriately flagged, providing our users in admissions and compliance with the most relevant risk indicators.

What do these changes mean for universities in practice?

Our partners now have the most relevant and up-to-date risk indicators at their fingertips.  Our users are now empowered to scrutinise student finance more effectively, and allocate resources into checking documents from banks where levels of finance fraud are known to be higher. 

Now that’s a system you can bank on!

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