Do time machines exist?

Do time machines exist?

UK universities are against the clock when processing international students. It’s time for a change.

Without specialist tools, the effort it takes for a student to request a CAS, obtain a visa, and prepare to move to the UK is a huge investment from all involved: students, agents and university staff alike.

For students, chasing universities for updates isn’t just time-consuming. There’s also the anxiety that comes from feeling in the dark. So much more stress-free time could be better spent with loved ones before moving abroad, or focussed on any number of other priorities.

For university staff it’s no different. Processing students inefficiently far too often equals late nights, overtime and the ad hoc redeployment of staff during key admissions periods. The upfront turnaround is the tip of the iceberg. If you look below the surface you’ll see high staff turnover, burnout and opportunity cost: a ticking time bomb, especially if recruitment numbers increase.

But what if there was a machine that gave everyone countless hours of their precious time back? But more than that, actually improved the experience and quality of everyone’s time?

Enter Enroly CAS Shield, your sparkling new time machine.

It’s pretty easy to work, and we can get it set-up for you in as little as two weeks. 

All you need to do is load it up with the repetitive and fatiguing tasks that slow your team down, frustrate students and cause big headaches during post-offer administration.

Students even know how to use it. They self-serve through the process, can collaborate easily with their agent if they have one, and take a friction-free journey that’s often as easy as booking their flight.

All your university team needs to do is track students’ seamless progress through your pipeline, benefiting from tailored automated comms support, document requests and checks, and in-built compliance features.

That’s how we saved Coventry University an estimated 3,395 staff hours in a single intake.

Welcome to the future.

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