New Year, same old admin struggles?

New Year, same old admin struggles?

For many of us, January is a chance to push the reset button after a well-earned rest. It’s a time when we want to hit the ground running at work, and perhaps hit the treadmill or pool more in our spare time.

But for so many of our colleagues working in UK higher education, January often feels more like keeping your head above water than perfecting your front crawl. Trust us, we’ve been there. And the fact that the September and January intakes now merge into one is a recipe for burnout.

If you’re currently holding back a tide of emails and plugging leaky and insecure CAS processes with spreadsheets and manual intervention, we feel your pain. That’s why we created our smart automation software CAS Shield, featuring:

  • A watertight admissions funnel to get work streams flowing in the same direction.
  • Self-service tech to cut down unnecessary staff-student communication, including the dreaded student arrival status chasing.
  • Transparent collaboration tools for crystal clear accountability across internal teams.
  • Automated document checking features to handle the increase in ‘non-Appendix H’ students and protect your sponsor licence.
    The platform gives you time to come up for air and focus on the things that matter, even during peak recruitment periods.

More than a quarter of UK universities now rely on our technology to process tens of thousands of international offer holders each intake, helping universities scale up their recruitment ambitions with the same resources.

At the University of Greenwich implementing CAS Shield brought a five-fold improvement in administrative processing speed, 62 percent reduction in unnecessary staff-student communication, and cut enrolment attrition by 75 percent. It also crucially unblocked the bottlenecks of key admissions periods.

Paul Rees, Student Visa Compliance Manager at Greenwich, says: ‘The artificial intelligence underpinning the system means that it takes the menial tasks away from my team. That means we aren't spending all our time chasing a student for a document, CAS Shield does that for us. It's enabled us to do a lot more with our current workforce.’

Clare Armour, Compliance Manager at Ulster, also describes how the system eased the administrative burden on her team, ‘With CAS Shield, agents and applicants can see exactly what stage things are at, and it cuts down the volume of queries to the recruitment team, transforming the way we work. The messaging facility has been one of the best features for us. It takes the applicants through the process and helps gather all the documents we need. I can't tell you how positive it's been.’

At Enroly, onboarding with our new university clients takes just five weeks on average. So in 2022, why not make transforming your day-to-day a New Year’s resolution you can definitely keep?

Want to find out more? If you work at a UK university, book a chat with me to discuss how we can help >

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